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" If you want the purest demonstration of wines with irresistible taste of their place, Savage Selection offers a thrilling range. Drink 'em all"

Oz Clarke on Twitter in late November 2012

Savage Selection is an importer and wholesaler, more than a standard retailer. We generally sell by the unsplit case, typically in units of 6 or 12 bottles depending on the individual producer. The saving in time and handling costs is reflected in lower prices than would otherwise be possible. Mixed cases are therefore liable to a 10% surcharge.

Our independence ensures that we buy on the basis of our own experience and conviction rather than that of other wine critics, however well respected. We are unimpressed by claims to be ‘award-winning’ or ‘world class’ and we are not interested in scores, since they so often reflect levels of concentration rather than finesse, two concepts that should never be confused.

We do not publish prices on our website but do invite you to contact us for current information regarding availability and price. The majority of our wines are available Under Bond, Duty Paid or direct Ex Cellars.

Our Approach...

Savage Selection is the distillation of more than 40 years of experience of travel and tasting through most of the world's wine regions, the well trodden and the obscure. It may be safely assumed that the wines that we select have passed more than normal scrutiny in respect of natural balance, vitality and originality. To offer wines than can be considered as yardsticks of quality within their given appellation is not enough. We identify and work with producers who have higher aspirations, and are not content with the merely satisfactory. Together we exist in order to provide solutions for those who are not satisfied by mediocrity.

As the market for wine in the UK and Ireland continues to grow, so does the number of discriminating consumers who demand more than the pedestrian offerings of the big brands or those producers whose greatest skill appears to lie in cutting corners to meet low price points, with the inevitable loss in quality that entails. For us, the most intriguing aspect of good wine is its potential for originality and we still think of interesting wine as an artisanal rather than an industrial product. As such we are committed 'terroiristes', secure in the belief that a wine's uniqueness ultimately results from its place of origin and the joint influences of climate and soil when properly harnessed to good vineyard management. The voice of a given 'terroir' is thus the expression of a proper wine's own sense of place.

Furthermore, we recognise too that this voice is a quiet one, a subtle sound that is easily drowned by winemakers who interfere too much. We therefore look for intelligent and sensitive wine producers who allow this voice to be heard, who recognise that the old-fashioned virtues of elegance, balance and restraint are those that stand the test of time and who share our view that delicacy is a more difficult, but ultimately more satisfying result than sheer power. The overextracted designer blockbuster is the arch enemy of the drinker who wants a wine that is refined and refreshing.

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